What is a document holder?

Everyone wants a clean and neat workstation, but everyone knows that it often starts as a clean workstation but after a few days the place gets filled with documents, papers, pens, notebooks and other office materials. Items that consume the area and that turn your search for the one thing you really need into an annoying quest for the holy grail. Besides, we often have to move in awkward and unnatural positions which might lead to health problems. In that case a document holder might be your partner in office crime. Document holders are a vital part of your ergonomic workstation. But what is a document holder exactly?

What is a document holder?

A document holder is a workstation accessory which helps you to focus on that one document which does matter. This can be a document, a paper, a magazine or anything else which you need to read, view or consult. It helps you to not only make the document literally stand out from the other documents, but it also helps you ergonomically by placing the document in the right angle (between 50° and 90°). A document holder, although not recommended for extensive writing tasks, can also be used as a writing surface.

The benefits of a document holder

As stated before the main reason to buy a document holder is the ergonomic benefit. Gone are the days you have to look down at documents causing neck pain, gone are the days you have to do all in your power to reach that document at the far left moving your neck, arms, shoulders and back in unhealthy positions.

A second clear benefit Is the fact a document holder will help you to organize your workstation and your paperwork. A device which supports your file management, and which will help you to free up some workstation space.