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The link between unhealthy conduct and masculinity has been widely documented concerning, for example, drug —and alcohol usage. A recent study from TrustDeals now includes adding a night’s sleep to this scary list.

Even though a decent 7-hour night’s rest is suggested, it turns out that more than 60% of adults battle with some sleep deprivation. More surprisingly, it seems that guys deemed masculine and manly are within the group of persons with the biggest sleep disorders.

The Significance of Getting Enough Sleep

Typically, it is common knowledge that getting adequate sleep is important. Adults are advised to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Getting the appropriate amount of sleep lowers your chances of developing diabetes, depression and heart disease.

However, it turns out that more than 60% of individuals do not get the minimal amount of sleep that is advised. Despite sleeping somewhat longer on average than males, women have various sleep problems more often. Women often have greater difficulty remaining to sleep and falling asleep.

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