VPS Hosting, websites, file sharing and games


We have all heard of it at some point: vps hosting. Not everyone knows what it actually is, even though it can mean a great deal to you or your company. So what is vps and why is it important for your company?  VPS strands for a Virtual Private Server. It is a system where you use a well protected server in a different location to host your files, website video’s of gameserver. Depending on how much storage and data transfering you need, it is always way cheaper to use a vps than to use your own server.

Vps hosting

Besides, servers for hosting that you ‘rent’ from companies are well-maintained and everything is back-up several times a day to make sure you won’t lose anything. That is the extra security services a vps company gives you when you rent an vps from them. It is important to note that you should have a good idea of what kind of files you will put on the vps, especially with an eye on the law. Are you gonna store personal information from clients on a server? Then This has to be a server that is existing in your own building. In case 3 of a website, gameserver of the storage of files without names and addresses, you can freely use a vps in any other part of the country or even the world.