How to open a business in Netherlands

If you’re having plans for a new foreign business it is interesting to know all about how to open a business in Netherlands. They have great business opportunities for every foreign business owner. The company – set-up your Dutch company’ is able to help you out with starting up your Dutch business in less than 10 days. There are only a few steps you have to take to open your business.

How to open a Dutch business


Yhe company mentioned above offers a lot of attractive package deals. For example, you can combine your BV opening with opening a Dutch company bank account, obtaining a Dutch VAT number, gaining a Dutch company address, and several secretary- and accountancy services.

After you signed the agreement with the company, they send you an email with a checklist. They checklist is only 2 pages long so it take you only a short amount of time to complete the list. If you send the list back, you also need to email a scan of the passports of the director(s) and shareholder(s) of your company, including their residential addresses. If all your documents are completed, the set-up your Dutch company team will email you the power of attorney, With signing this document they can open your business in the Netherlands, while you staying on distance. Just so easy is it to open a Dutch company. For more information you can contact the company right away.