Carbon tape is a part of our everyday lives

Every day there are new applications found for carbon tape and fiber. The material became a part of our everyday lives. The thin filament is available in a wide range of useful forms.

Sporting goods

Carbon tape and fiber is used as an application in sporting goods, from ice hockey sticks to running shoes, golf clubs and tennis racquets. Carbon tape is used in crash helmets too, for horse riders, motorcyclists and rock climbers. In fact, carbon tape is used in any sport where there is a risk of head injury.

Military applications

Carbon tape and fiber is used for many military applications. From protective helmets to planes and missiles, to provide strength and weight reduction.

Medical applications

Due to the unique properties of carbon tape and carbon fiber, it is used for many medical applications. The most well-known use it that of prosthetics, artificial limbs.

Home or hobby projects

Carbon tape is easy to use and it can be employed for many home or hobby projects. Carbon fiber tape is often called as ‘the new black’. If you want a shiny black coffee table or a stylish closet you can create it yourself with carbon. The look of carbon fiber is unique.


Carbon tape is widely used in automobiles. It is used on internal components such as seat frames and instrument housings. Manufacturers choose carbon tape and carbon fiber to reduce weight.