Want to compare CFD brokers?

Want to compare CFD brokers? Than this isn’t that easy. There is a wide range of diversity and there are more than hundred brokers. So, it’s not an easy to find a suitable broker fast.

Trading had increased

The past years, CFD trading has increased enormously. There is more competition between the online brokers. Competition is one of the reasons why more and more online brokers improved their services and developed more trading platforms. Almost all the online brokers provide Forex and CFD’s as a part of their service.

Critical questions to consider

Compare CFD brokers, is not that easy. Most of the online brokers are all trustable, reliable and good. So, how you can choose a suitable broker? Here are some critical questions to consider. By answering these questions, you will discover which broker is the best for you.

  • What is the minimum deposit?
  • Is the software from the broker user-friendly?
  • Does the broker offers a free demo-account?
  • Can I trade the instruments I want to trade?
  • What about the regulation?

What is the minimum deposit?

Check what the minimum deposit is a broker requires. Some companies require a deposit from $100 and others require a deposit from $200. Many brokers offer a free demo-account, without a minimum deposit requirement.

Is the software user-friendly?

Another good way to compare CFD brokers, is the diversity of platforms. Most brokers offer 2 or 3 trading platforms. For example: a desktop platform, a web platform and a mobile platform. Check if the platforms are user-friendly and  easy to download and install.

Does the broker offers a demo-account?

When you compare CFD brokers, check which brokers offer a demo-account.

Thanks to the popularity of online trading, many brokers offer a demo-account. You can use these accounts for free or for a small deposit. This is an easy way to test the platform, before opening a real account from the broker. After learning enough, you can open a real account and start trading for real.

Can I trade the instrument I want to trade? 

Another important point, is the access a broker gives you. Research if a broker gives you access to the instruments and CFD’s you want to trade, like commodities, shares, forex pairs and indices.

What about the regulation?

If you compare CFD brokers, we advise you to research the regulation. Never open  an account from a broker that is not regulated. A reliable broker is regulated by the CySEC (Cyprus), the FCA (UK) of ASIC (Australia).

Start trading CFD’s or Forex?

Want to start with CFD trading or Forex trading? Compare the different brokers on a specialized website. A reliable website only list brokers that operate in an officially regulated environment.

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