When we talk of road transport, there must be mention of busses for both their comfort and convenience. Busses come in several categories including school busses, tour buses, minibuses, double-deckers and RV conversions. It is possible to get a second hand bus for the above-named categories.

There are other reasons apart from saving on money for buying a used bus. You need to find the bus of the right size, at the right price and in your location. It is also important to ensure that the bus has a warranty. Most people buy second hand buses from unions such as churches or schools because they are kept in good conditions.

What to consider when acquiring a second hand bus.

Second hand

Condition and intended use

It is important to check both the exterior and interior conditions of the bus. Ensure that all the features are functioning well. Check out the conditions of the seats together with the frame of the bus. Busses for transport need to have a space for luggage. Busses for trips need to have the amenities installed.

Bus’s specifics and place for service.

The place where you will take your bus regularly for maintenance services should be close for convenience. Take the bus at a place where they will service and fix it well. Features such as the fuel the bus uses should be well noted. And whether there will be further costs incurred in fueling in case of long trips.

Advantages and disadvantages of a second hand bus

Low purchase cost.

A Second hand bus is cheaper to purchase compared to a new bus. If the bus has not been used for long, the price will still be lower than of a new bus.

Used bus


They are available since most people prefer to purchase a used bus. It also takes less time to transfer ownership of a bus from the owner to the buyer.

Maintenance cost.

It is expensive to maintain a used bus since it requires constant servicing since most of the parts are already worn out. Parts have to be replaced with new ones and the mechanics have to be paid for the service

Life span and safety concerns.

A used bus has most of the originally installed services not working. It also works for a limited amount of time before it becomes too expensive to service. Used buses require maintenance more times because they wear out easily


Where to buy

Search for second hand buses from your area. Searches on the internet are not convenient because of the additional cost that you will incur in transporting it. Like any other purchase, you have a greater guarantee of legality when you buy from a retailer than if you buy from an unlicensed individual. After purchase you have to make sure that the bus you paid for is the same bus that you walk away with avoiding being conned.