How to serve the best pizza in your restaurant

Do you have your own Italian restaurant or do would you just like to serve pizza in your restaurant? When people are coming to your restaurant to eat pizza, they have high expectations. Your pizza has to be way better than take out pizza or store bought pizza. But how can you serve the best tasting pizza in your restaurant? We will tell you all about it. 

Make the best dough

The pizza dough is the hardest part of making a pizza. The crust has to be crispy and offer the best foundation for your toppings. You want to serve your customers the best pizza, so you have to be sure you’re making the best pizza dough there is. But making all your pizzas on the spot may be a lot of work, which makes your customers wait a long time. To prevent that, search for a great pizza dough supplier to deliver the best dough to your restaurant. All you have to do is roll it out and top it!

Use fresh ingredients

Even when you get your pizza dough from a supplier, it’s fresh. You don’t want to ruin that by topping that great crust with canned ingrediënts. Cut your veggies fresh everyday and use fresh cut meat or fish to complete your pizza. You can do your mise en place in the morning or afternoon and keep it packed and fresh in the fridge. 

Unique combinations

Serving pizzas is one thing, but you have to distinguish yourself from all the other restaurants that serve pizza. Of course you have to have the classic pizzas like margherita, funghi and quattro formaggi on your menu, but don’t be scared to try something new! Make unique combinations and surprise your customers. They will tell it to their friends and family when they have tasted the best, unique pizza at your restaurant. Create something your customers never had before.