Circular Garden Lounger

circular garden lounger

I’m extremely happy with my decision to purchase a circular garden lounger. My main concern was how it would fit in with the rest of the things in my garden, as I do not have a lot of space. Delivery was prompt and it arrived sooner than expected.

circular garden lounger

Size and Fit

The size and shape are exactly as stated in the specifications. This is really important to me since I did not have any extra space to work with. Everything is exactly as it should be and this means my garden now looks exactly as I imagined. The color matches what I was expecting and everything about my lounger is perfect.

Comfort Levels

The comfort level is above what I was expecting and I can’t wait for the summer to arrive. The design is simple but elegant and it looks fabulous. Overall I’m super happy with the purchase of my circular garden lounger and now I just need to wait for the weather to improve so I can enjoy my purchase.