Bell Pro Star Race Motorcycle Helmet

Bell is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle helmet. Therefore, when shopping for new riding gear, I was sure I could find products worth my money. I haven’t bought a motorcycle helmet in a while, so I was willing to splurge on this particular purchase. The Bell Pro Star in matte black came up in my search, and I decided to go for it. My choice has not disappointed yet. I have raced for a couple of years, so I know what to look for in a decent helmet. First of all, the helmet has a stunning finish. It uses the most advanced carbon weave, TeXtreme, which is ultra-thin, giving the helmet an elegant feel. The fact that it’s in matte black is a huge plus for me. Besides appearance, it is incredibly lightweight, which is hard to achieve with a helmet of this calibre. I can ride for two hours with this helmet without feeling like my head will fall off from exhaustion.

Motorcycle helmet

High-grade Engineering

With the technology that Bell used for this product, the price tag makes sense. The Pro Star comes with the Flex Impact Liner, a three-layer lining to reduce the impact to the head during accidents. It has padded cheek pads that felt a bit snug the first few times, but the helmet adjusts to your shape and fits like a glove.

The Panovison Viewport ensures that a rider has maximum visibility on the road. It includes a button to separate the visor and helmet. If riding at full speed and need to make a head check, I appreciate the no-fuss model of this feature.

Motorcycle helmet

This Bell motorcycle helmet makes every minute on the road an adventure.

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